Benefits of Liver Cleanse - Overview

The liver is the body's blood factory because it not only promotes the building of blood, but it also cleans it. The liver stores blood during rest and circulates it during exertion. The volume of blood circulating in the veins changes according to the body's physiological needs. It is responsible for moving substancesthrough the body and regulates body activities.

Here's a quick way to get a good idea of the state of the blood in the liver. Look at your fingernails. If the blood is deficient, you would see soft, chipped or cracked fingernails. A healthy indication would be that both nails and tendons appear to be strong.

The liver nourishes all the tendons of the body. Think of this huge responsibility the liver has in trying to prevent imbalance in the system. An imbalance can create situations such as arthritis, tendinitis, fibromyositis, symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Love Your Liver (Comprehensive List of Benefits of Liver Cleanse)

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