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Holistic health and alternative healing information. Holistic Health (wholistic health) addresses the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions. Learn about natural holistic remedies through the reliable sources offered here. Included are holistic products and alternative health services such as supplements for male and female health and performance, natural baby products, children's health, general health, enzymes, herbals, books, self-help, clean air and water, problem skin care, daily skin care, weight loss, herbal supplements, herbal products, detox products, quality sleep products, prostate health, water filters, holosync tapes, acne treatment products, subliminal tapes, hypnosis downloads, air filtration, bodywork therapies, holistic health articles, free holistic health reports and much more. Your source for holistic health education, holistic products, and alternative healing!

Taking a holistic approach to your life helps to create a balance in your personal life, family relationships, community activities, and work environment. Find "wholeness" through acknowledging, honoring, and healing all your individual parts (mind, body, spirit and emotions)!

As you browse and click your way around, you will discover interesting pathways for optimizing holistic health, implementing alternative health into your lifestyle, maximizing life and preventing disease.

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food pyramidThis is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful of the foods that we’re eating and feeding our kids! Much easier to understand than the old food pyramid!


    Special portal devoted to wellness and holistic health, holistic products, along with special needs and health problems for those over 50. A few of the highlights include natural approaches to health, educational information, new suggestions for beneficial exercise such as Tai Chi and Qigong, Anti-Aging resources, improve your vision, weight loss, and Arthritis news. Also, learn the latest on Diabetes and heart health, detox products, and much, much more! Lots of educational and entertaining Articles!

It's time to break the bottled water habit!

Recent headlines have shown mounting evidence that suggests that your bottled water contains contaminants, too! And that chemicals in plastic bottles can be leached into the water. They are called phthalates, and they are notorious for disrupting testosterone and other hormones. Suddenly bottled water does not seem so healthy. And if you care about our environment, bottled water is definitely a bad idea. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum products, so right off the bat they contribute to pollution and our dependence on oil.

Besides, while most people have good intentions about recycling, the fact is that only about 13 percent of those water bottles ever get recycled. An estimated 1.5 million tons of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. Is that the legacy we want to leave for our grandchildren?

Enough bad news! I have found the best way to have safe water.

If you are tired of lugging cases of expensive bottled water home, and you want to get the facts about REALLY clean water and your health, then please click here for more information!

Holistic Health Tools works hard to stay on top of the latest holisitic health and alternative health information. Educational holistic health articles include Fall Health Tips, Facts about Detoxification and detox products, facts about indoor air quality and air filtration and Importance of good water, Skin care problems and solutions for all ages. More articles include Common Foods With the Most Antioxidants, Ayurvedic Medicine and Heart Health, Depression Overview, Facts and Treatment, Digestive Disorders Explained, Progesterone: Our "Happy" Hormone, Health Benefits of Far Infared Sauna, and 10 Proactive Steps Towards Wellness. Sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter to get information on interesting holistic health topics!


Go Green - How to Stop Buying Bottled Water!


We support National Health Education Week
Every Week and Wish You Good Health!!

What are the basic principles of right living, to ensure the best health you can have? Since the body naturally works toward optimum health, any healthy change to your lifestyle will provide rewarding, holistic results. Start with simple actions and goals, something that can easily fit into your lifestyle, and enjoy the benefits of renewed health, happiness and vitality. Health Education is a part of learning these holistic health principles and applying them to your everyday life. Learn more.


Natural & Herbal Remedies Blog -
Advice to Relieve Anxiety, ADHD & More

Allergy Proof Your Home
Biggest Loser Winner Reveals Weight Loss Secret
Fiber Rich Foods List
What is Dietary Fiber?
What is Soluble and Insoluble Fiber?
Importance of Deep and REM Sleep

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National Beast Cancer Awareness Month.

- Every month should be breast cancer awareness month. Celebrating more than 25 years of awareness, education and empowerment!

What exactly is "holistic health"?

Holistic Health is harmony and balance within all aspects of self - body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Each of us is born with a unique balance that makes us who we are and determines our strengths and weaknesses. A holistic approach brings an awareness and respect for the influence each aspect of a person's life has on all others. The whole lifestyle of the person is addressed, taking into consideration diet, exercise, the mind and emotions, one's spiritual outlook, and the interaction between family, friends, co-workers, society and nature.

For most of our modern health complaints (the lifestyle, stress, and behavioral disorders), natural, holistic self-care methods are a viable alternative to drug-dependence, side effects, and expensive intervention. The fundamental premise is that your body knows how to be well, given the proper support. Read more on holistic health... Adopting an Holistic Approach to Health

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    Detoxification ~ The Missing Link for Effective Weight Loss! - What most people don't realize is how much a good detox can affect weight loss. When the elimination is sluggish, weight loss is very difficult. Detoxing can be the secret to stubborn pounds disappearing finally, even when you've tried everything else. Learn the facts about body detox�

    Is your Immune system up for the FLU challenge? - With the new Swine Flu Pandemic on the rise brace your immune system before the flu reaches you. Influenza, also commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that result in severe sickness that can lead to life-threatening complications. Children and adults, who at times don't get enough sleep, are under excessive stress, and may be around others that are ill. In these situations we need to support the immune system in order for it to fight off the sicknesses that are trying to attack us and make us ill. Here is one of the best all round, daily support products for a strong immune system. CLICK HERE.

    If you think bottled water is the answer, think again. - Add up all the times you buy it, or the cases you haul home, and you are probably in for a shock! Bottled water is very expensive, but it is also costly in the damage it does to the environment. The vast majority of those plastic water bottles go into a landfill, not a recycling program. And since the plastic is a petroleum product, bottled water contributes to our dependence on oil. ALSO, bottled water may have safety issues of its own! READ ON!

    New Study Shows 50% reduction of arterial plaque after using GHS... - New Independent High-Tech Thermal Imaging Research By A North Carolina Medical Research Organization Clearly Shows An Estimated 50% Reduction Of Deadly Arterial Plaque In Carotid Artery After Only 6 Months Use Of GHS Plus Arterial Cleansing Formula. Read the rest of the story and learn about GHS: HERE'S HOW.

    Holistic Health for Your Pets! - Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by humans. We offer full line of herbal remedies and natural remedies for pets. Read on...

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