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It really is the all inclusive miracle that will kill all viruses and bacteria your body can throw at it.

  • Crocodiles contain an innate immune system as the first line of defence that kicks in as soon as an organism faces any threat — a puncture of the skin, bacteria in the stomach, something nasty in the lungs. Besides cells, such as macrophages and neutrophils, gobbling up bacteria in this first line of defence, these anti microbial peptides bash holes in the bacteria’s membrane, which weaken it to the point that it instantly dissipates.

  • The Antidote is a unique anti-microbial peptide compound of amino acids, which have the properties necessary to fight bacteria without damaging normal cells. Until now, the reasons why crocodiles avoided wound infection were unknown.

  • On May 31st, 2000, a documentary aired on BBC entitled The Secret Life of Crocodiles, which was the origin for the discovery of a unique anti-microbial peptide in crocodiles. Jill Fullerton-Smith, a senior producer in the Science Department at BBC, decided to investigate, however, she couldn’t find any scientists in the world working on the immune response of the crocodile and was on the verge of abandoning the idea. She then saw a newspaper article about a biologist who noticed that a frog in his lab has lost a limb and yet within in few days had healed. The biologist now owned a multi-million dollar research company developing the antibiotic they had found in the frog. Jill rang him, and on his advice decided to hire an American microbiologist to look for a particular particle in the blood of the crocodile. Nobody had ever looked for these peptides in the reptile before. Michael Mosley, Executive Producer of Living Proof, agreed to fund a film following the collection of the blood from wild Australian crocodiles and the search for the peptide. An amazing new anti-microbial peptide was discovered in the blood, and the BBC and the university are lodging patent rights. Greg Dyke personally announced the discovery to the world’s press.

  • This quote from BBC Director-General Greg Dyke describes the manner in which a unique anti-microbial peptide was discovered: "Tonight I can reveal that Living Proof, our science documentary on BBC ONE, has done something very unusual: they’ve actually helped find and isolate a protein which kills resistant bacteria and which could form the basis of a new antibiotic. On a trip to film salt-water crocodiles in Australia, our producer noticed something that surprised her; despite the horrendous injuries the crocs inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected. She discussed this with a young croc expert who agreed that it would be interesting to try and find out why. So they set off together to collect blood samples from wild crocodiles. After many adventures they got their blood samples and last week a leading research institute isolated, from these samples, what I’m told is a novel anti microbial peptide. In tests this substance kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Order the Super Antidote.
  • The Antidote is sold in a 5ml bottle and is taken orally as a single dosage taking 48hrs to become effective.

  • The Antidote may be taken safely by children and adults even if on current medication.

    Read about the clinical trials and read the testimonials...

    The Antidote does not require a prescription or medical consultation before being taken as it is a natural alternative to Antibiotics or drugs which have failed to kill the virulent viruses or bacteria that have developed an immunity to the current antibiotics and drugs produced by modern medicine.




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