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Support your immune system naturally with ImmunityPlus from Native Remedies

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ImmunityPlus is a natural herbal supplement that helps to promote a healthy immune response. By supporting your immune system, you help keep your cellular health in tact and your system is able to withstand pathogens better.

Regular Use of ImmunityPlus:

~ Helps you to maintain a healthier immune response
~ Supports health at a cellular levels
~ Promotes healthier levels of energy and vitality
~ Helps maintain the health and functioning of the liver


Need more info? About ImmunityPlus Ingredients:

The ImmunityPlus herbal supplement contains antioxidant-rich Echinacea, a well-known herb for immune system support.

In addition, other ingredients include Schisandra Berry (functions as a system tonic), Rosemary and Eleuthero.

This unique supplement also includes mistletoe. If you're like me you may be wondering why. Well, turns out that mistletoe isn't just for the holidays! I didn't know this about Mistletoe but one of it's properties is to help maintain balanced fluid levels and healthy capillary walls.

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