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  • Here is a sampling of products from the thousands available from this fine company:

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    Women's Health and Beauty - A large selection of products and information specific to women's concerns, including bath and beauty products and herbal remedies for baldness, PMS, skin damage, obesity, and more. Special sections for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Excellent books on feminine health and wellness. Herbal options for common female disorders such as Urinary Infections, Varicose Veins, Yeast Infections, Candida/Candidiasis. Featured products include:

    • Living Skin Cream
    • Urinary Formula w/Cranberry

    Men's Health/Stamina - Men, This Section Is Just For You - Here you will find natural herbal solutions discovered and enjoyed by others just like you. The positive feedback we get is astounding. In addition to herbal remedies for infertility, impotence and prostate problems, you'll also find supplements for sports and body building, athlete's foot, baldness, high blood pressure, liver problems, and a special section for men who want to gain weight. Featured products include:

    • Alpha-Sterol Centurian - Alpha-Sterol BodyGuard not only kills fungus, but suppresses secondary infection by killing harmful bacteria.
    • High Blood Pressure Tincture
    • Dr. Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease
    • Natural Hair Growth Treatments
    • Viga for Men - Works in just ONE hour...A natural alternative without the side effects or prescriptions.

    Infants / Children / Teen's - Healthy infant care products and resources. Remedies for colds, flu, ear, nose and throat problems, as well as ADD/ADHD. Natural cleansers and acne treatments for tough teenage skin problems as well as gentle cleansers and lotions for children. Poison oak and ivy herbal remedies. General nutritional supplements.

    Natural Homeopathic formulas: - Medicine from Nature, homeopathic formulas are based on a natural medical science that works with your body to stimulate your own natural defenses. Featured formulas include:

    • Water Retention
    • Teething
    • Menopause
    • Backache

    Natural Herbal Solution for Heart Problems: - For a healthy heart and circulatory system. Atherosclerosis, Cerebral or Pulmonary embolism, thrombus, Angitis, Myocardial infarction, Hyperplasminemia, Platelet Hypercoagulability, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Traveler's Thrombosis, Blood Clots. Herbal Tinctures - Liquid Extracts and tinctures work faster and more completely than other forms of supplementation.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract - Hospital/Home Sanitation & Sterilization. Hospitals Use Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) Because It Is Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic, and Potent.

    Edema (Swollen feet, Dropsy) - Edema, also known as dropsy, occurs when there is an excess accumulation of fluid in the body. and may affect all parts of the body. Most commonly, edema results in swelling of the feet and ankles. The bloating and swelling of edema can also cause uncomfortable muscle aches and pains. Edema may be caused by allergies or disorders of the kidney, bladder, heart, or liver. Herbal Approaches to dealing with edema and dropsy

    Magnetics - Magnetic Jewelry, Bracelets, Pads, Inserts, and Devices have been found to relieve painful inflammation resulting from bone spurs, gout, poor circulation, arthritic joints, inflamed tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome and more!

    Traditional Chinese Formulas - Many of these "Traditional Chinese Formulations" have been in use for thousands of years. They have all been clinically tested in China. Featured products include:
    • Aikede Skin Cleanser
    • Rhodiola Power - This unique tonic is made from rhodiola extract for cerebral and cardiac vascular health.
    • Super Reishi Essence

    "10 Tips to Losing Weight"
    informative article!

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