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Super Fat-Burning Collagen Formula for Weight Loss

There are a lot of collagen weight loss formulas around but this is the original "lose while you sleep" weight loss product on the market that can help you lose weight without strenuous exercise and without giving up your favorite foods. Calorad is a thermogenic fat burner with a 20 year safe history of use.

collagen weight loss
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Would you like to lose weight without dieting or meal-skipping? Introducing a nutritional supplement with a 20-year safety and effectiveness track-record, and has been used by millions of people world-wide. Calorad is formulated to support your body, maintaining its optimum balance for healthy weight. This collagen protein (collagen hydrolysate) formula is easily digested and supplies your body with very important nutrients to help your body to maintain collagen production.

Calorad nutritionally feeds your body, which allows it to support itself in maintaining or increasing your lean muscle tissue, which helps your body to utilize fat and sugar effectively as well as supporting your natural mechanisms. Increasing lean muscle tissue allows your body to burn more calories while at rest, so if you don't increase your calorie intake, increased lean muscle tissue can result in burning more calories even while you sleep!

For those who are underweight or in good physical condition, Calorad encourages your body to reach its highest level of vitality, without additional loss of lean muscle mass, which frequently occurs during "dieting".

The Futuristic Formula

The weight loss product of the future is a natural product that does not stimulate, starve or trick your body into weight loss. And it is here now! This breakthrough formula feeds your body with a collagen protein supplement. Calorad nutritionally supports your body?s ability in utilizing fat.

A 20-year-old has firmer skin and tighter muscles than a 60-year-old because your body's collagen production slows with age. Calorad supplies the body with very important nutrients that help maintain the body's ability to maintain collagen production. Unlike any collagen product on the market today, Calorad is the result of a unique formula and process designed by Michel Gris? after many years of research and use in the agricultural industry. Most dramatic caloric reduction diets today trick your body into weight loss and in the process, sacrifice a high percentage of lean muscle mass (calorie burning tissue). Fitness studies and clinical studies with collagen proteins conducted over the last 25 years indicate that an increase in lean muscle generally helps the body to utilize fats and sugars more efficiently.

Calorad supports lean muscle, which in turn facilitates fat loss. Consequently, it helps people lose inches. In fact, many may lose a dress or pant size before noticing any difference on the bathroom scale. Benefits vary for each person. Some may notice results in the first week, while others may not see a difference until later.

The use of Calorad does not require calorie counting, restricted diets or exercise. However, we still recommend maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in moderate exercise for maximum results and overall health. Calorad is a safe and effective product with a proven record of wellness success. The uses of this product are wide in spectrum. It provides a special fuel that each body can utilize for its own highest good. Today, many health practitioners and consumers are utilizing Calorad as their foundation nutritional supplement along with any other fitness program or supplements they may be using.


The History of Calorad and the Chubby Chickens:

Over 20 years ago, Michel Grise, a brilliant Canadian formulator who was working for Abbott laboratories of Canada at the time, was asked to formulate a product that would eliminate the "fatty syndrome" in poultry. (Fat chickens stop laying eggs, and their meat has lower market value.) Michel developed a collagen-based formula that was completely safe as a feed additive, fed the product to the chickens, and within days, the fat was gone and the chickens and the chicken farmers were happy!!

That's great for chickens, but how about us?

That is where the really great news begins. Due to the dramatic success of the product, Michel decided to reformulate the product for humans, naming it, Calorad. Michel tested Calorad on himself and had an internal medicine physician monitor his progress and the safety of the product. The doctor was amazed at Michel's results. Michel lost 30 pounds of fat without losing any lean muscle. In fact, to his excitement, he gained lean muscle in his chest. Michel reported to us: "By simply taking a tablespoon of Calorad with a glass of water on an empty stomach each night just prior to going to sleep, I lost fat, weight and gained more muscle tone. Calorad worked!!! That was 20 years ago!! Since then literally hundreds of thousands of people have achieved dramatic fitness and wellness results by using Calorad."

Calorad is not only designed to reduce body fat, but is also designed to help your body to release its naturally produced HGH (human growth hormone). When you take Calorad on an empty stomach at night or upon arising in the morning, the amino acid complex will stimulate your pituitary gland to naturally release the HGH it produces. The primary ingredient in Calorad (Collagen hydrolysate) also works as a carrier molecule for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by a mechanism of action that is similar to the way that insulin works with glucose at the cellular level.

A diabetic lacks insulin and his cells are starving even though they are bathed in a sea of glucose. Glucose (sugar) levels rise in diabetes, but in the blood only. The cells of a diabetic are starved for glucose because this glucose is unable to be efficiently absorbed by the cell. A severe diabetic must receive insulin to live. Insulin is the carrier molecule that facilitates the entrance of glucose into the cell.

Similarly, HGH levels decline as we age, and require collagen as the carrier molecule into the cell. Human Growth hormone is essential for maintaining our lean muscle mass. As we age, HGH levels decline, we lose lean muscle, and we begin to gain fat, since we lose the ability to burn 50 calories at rest with every pound of lean muscle we lose! Since Calorad supplies collagen, and has been associated with lean muscle gain on a scale which clearly exceeds the caloric and protein content of the supplement, the collagen in Calorad may be facilitating the entrance of HGH into the cell, where muscle-building and protein synthesis may be stimulated.

HGH levels are highest during the first 40 to 90 minutes of sleep, and the manufacturer of Calorad claims that the product is most effective when taken on an empty stomach right before bedtime. An empty stomach would facilitate rapid absorption of the collagen proteins into the bloodstream where they would be available to facilitate HGH absorption into the cells of the body during the first hour and a half of sleep. This probably accounts for both the muscle gain and weight loss seen with Calorad.


What is Calorad 2000?
Calorad, Calorad PM and Calorad 2000 are the same product. We started calling Calorad "Calorad 2000" in the year 2000. Calorad 2000 is meant to be taken in the PM or at bedtime.