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Asian Wisdom For Healthy Weight Loss!

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Finally... A Healthy Way to lose weight! GREEN TEA EXTRACT is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. This all-natural ingredient is recognized for its beneficial health properties, as well as being a natural fat inhibitor. The additional health benefits of green tea are varied and wide-ranging. Because its chemical makeup gives positive affects to so many different bodily systems, it makes sense to use green tea to achieve those health benefits.

Green Tea and Diabetes - A large Japanese study has found that sipping away on six cups of green tea each day may shrink type 2 diabetes risk, especially among women and overweight men. Why? Researchers aren't sure yet, but caffeine may play a role. Even though green tea's not loaded with the stuff, other studies ave found that the caffeine in coffee seems to guard against diabetes. Other Diabetes Resources



More about green tea benefits:

Some people wonder what's so special about green tea. It's just tea, right? It's the same tea that becomes black tea. Turns out that green tea retains more health-building ingredients than black tea and this is due to it not being fermented. We read a lot about fermented foods being good for you, and that's true, but when it comes to tea, unfermented is the way to go.

I think we're just beginning to scratch the surface of all the health benefits in this simple drink. The list of challenges where green tea may be helpful keeps growing and includes everything from skin care to cancer. Let's just say it's an antioxidant-rich drink that provides a wide range of benefits to overall health.