The Hypnotic Diet - A revolutionary new approach to weight loss

The Hypnotic Diet

  • Do you feel as if you are fighting against yourself when you try to follow a diet?

  • Have you been eating things you know you shouldn't, but are unable to stop yourself?

Well you can stop blaming yourself right now. It's not your fault, it is simply a natural reaction to the way you currently eat and feel. The Hypnotic Diet will rescue you from the self-destructive cycle of eat-guilt-eat. The Hypnotic Diet takes care of what all other diets leave out - your unconscious mind.

"So why will this work when other diets have failed?"

Because diets based on willpower alone fail to recognise the massive impact that our unconscious mind has on our relationship to food. Habits formed over the years direct our attention and influence our actions around food, at a level that is beyond the reach of the logical brain.

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