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UTI Clear Testimonials

Holistic Health Tools recommends UTI Clear for recurrent cystitis and UTIs. Here are what users of UTI Clear are saying...

"I've tried everything in the last 15 years and I've finally found something that works!!! I'm so pleased. Thanks." - Keeley W.

"I tried your UTI-Clear and it worked great. I had been on 4 different prescription drugs that only made it worse. I'm so glad I found this product!" - Gloria M.

"This will be my second order. I just want you guys to know that since I've found this, I don't need the antibiotics for reoccurrences anymore. I was in severe pain and one dose made symptoms of UTI and pain disappear instantly. I love the STUFF!!!! Ordering More."- Vanessa, W., VA

"I Initially ordered 1 bottle from you a couple of years ago and it has held me in good stead over the course of all that time. UTI Clear is impressively effective. I appreciate the fact that my body no longer has to rely solely on antibiotics ... THANK YOU!" - Marita P.

"Hi Guys! I had to write you and say thanks a lot for UTI-Clear. I had 3 urinary tract infections within the past year. I would take prescribed antibiotics and it would go away but come back again. My bladder became terribly weak and I even would urinate on myself if I could make it quick enough to the restroom. I tried UTI-Clear and it speaks for itself. It worked wonderfully in only 3 days. All of the weak bladder symptoms and other urinary tract symptoms went away and has yet to return. Thanks guys!." Very happy in Georgia - Monica B

"I have had problems with UTI's for many years. Antibiotics just make them worse... I just had one that lasted a couple months, everything I tried failed.. Until I tried UTI-CLEAR I felt better within days... Thank- you!!!" - Geenah

"I have to admit that initially I ordered UTI Clear as a last resort but I can't believe how well it works!! I have suffered from recurrent UTI for 25 years and have had endless courses of antibiotics, followed up by endless medical investigations. However with this amazing product I really have been able to change my life. I can't thank you enough."- JB, UK

"This is the best natural treatment for UTI. I will never use antibiotics again." - Maria P.

"This is truly a miracle cure! After a severe kidney infection that almost put me in the hospital, I was terrified of getting a bladder infection and had managed to avoid it for about a year but then I felt it coming on and nothing would knock it out, including 14 days of antibiotics. Three days of UTI-Clear did the trick. The UTI-Clear works so well, I have to think that your other products are worth checking out and I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!" - Anne, USA

"This product was very effective and worked in place of an antibiotic. I am cautiously optimistic that I have found some help from continual UTI infections." - Brenda D.

"UTI Clear is awesome. Since I have become pre-menopausal I seemed to get a lot more UTI's then ever before. It was a hassle and unnecessary expense to continue to see the Dr each time when I already knew the diagnosis. I researched online and found Native Remedies. I was skeptical at first but ordered one bottle to find out if it would work. To my surprise and delight my UTI was clear within days. I reordered 3 more bottles of UTI clear so I always have some on hand. THANKS Native Remedies for a product I can trust." - Karen

"UTI Clear has changed my life for the better,there will be no more antibiotics for me, from now on I will be looking at native remedies to relieve any ailments I have in future. Thanks." Angela, UK

"I just wanted to drop a short line to tell you how well your formula worked. Within two days I was right as rain" Merle, USA, single, 25 years old.

"I am not the type of person to write a testimonial, but feel compelled to do so because of how UTI-Clear has changed the quality of my life.

For about 7 years I have suffered with urinary tract infections and could not understand why I chronically had these while other women I know never did. I could not maintain a regular sex life because of this problem.

Last year I was on antibiotics 8 times for urinary tract infections. The gynecologist who was per scribing these told me I must go to a urologist to begin considering surgery.

I began to do research about why some women chronically have UTI's and others do not, when I came across nativeremedies . com.

I immediately ordered the UTI-Clear. It has been about 7 months and I have not had one urinary tract infection since I began taking this product. Thank you, it has changed my life in every area." - Ann, NY, U.S.A.

"UTI-Clear has worked very well to clear up this infection. I do have recurring infections and at one point, they caused my cervix to become inflamed, causing pap smears to come back abnormal. I'm glad to have found this product to help clear this up without antibiotics. Thank you." - Cynthia, FL, USA

I have been taking your UTI remedy for months now. And I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this product. Thank you for creating quality products for people at their wits end. - Karina, USA

"I suffered with recurring Urinary Tract Infection and the antibiotics provided by my doctor offer only temporary relief. I found UTI-Clear and ImmunityPlus on the web and my symptoms have now cleared to the extent that I no longer suffer the agony of this uncomfortable condition. I am grateful that the products are available (shipped) internationally as I have been unable to locate such a beneficial product in the UK." - Barbara, Lancashire, UK

"I have suffered for 6 years with chronic UTI, and have been on constant antibiotic therapy. As a last attempt at relief, I came across UTI clear. It began working in 2 days and I have been symptom free since I began using it 3 weeks ago. I finally feel relief, and would recommend this product to anyone who has suffered like I have." - Karen, CA, USA