Coping with Pet Loss:
"Am I Crazy to Feel So Sad about This?"

By Marty Tousley - an excerpt...

Dear Animal Lover,

  • Is this your child(ren)'s first experience with death?

  • Are you comfortable guiding your child(ren) through this experience?

  • Are you surprised at your child(ren)'s reaction, or even overwhelmed at the depth of your own grief?

  • Do you feel isolated from others because they tell you "it's just a pet" and they don't understand how you feel?

  • Do you feel guilty because the grief you feel at the thought of losing your pet matches or even exceeds the sorrow you felt when one of your close friends or relatives died?

  • Is this normal and healthy?

If your family is mourning or anticipating the loss of a cherished companion animal, you already know that you are in need of information, compassion and support. You deserve to feel comforted, understood and acknowledged as a person in grief, and reassurance that you are normal and healthy in loving your animal so deeply.

The lessons in this course are designed both to help you and your family understand and cope with the grief of losing your pet, and to guide you and your children along the way toward meaningful growth, healing and inspiration.

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"I was so excited to find your courses dealing with pet loss. I have 2 dogs that are dying of cancer and with the vets I have here in Vermont there is no group that we are aware of that exist for us to get support. I am hoping with what I am going through and the courses I will be able to start a support group to help myself and others in this time..." - Ilene in Vermont

Looking for more answers?

Pet loss brings a host of painful questions:

  • Am I the only person who feels this way?
  • What is "normal"? Am I "crazy" to be hurting so much?
  • How can I work through the pain I'm feeling?
  • What should I tell my children about the death of our pet?
  • How do I know whether it's "time" to euthanize a pet?
  • Will my other pets grieve for the loss of their companion?
  • What do I do if my pet is lost or runs away?
  • How can I protect my pets in an emergency?
  • How can I help my family cope?
  • What should I do with my pet's remains?
  • What if I have to give up my pet?
  • When should I get a new pet?

Fears, Anxiety and Phobias in Your Pets

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