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Can Eating More Food Mean Losing More Weight?

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Have you heard of negative calorie foods? It's an interesting thing. There are actually foods that take more energy to eat and digest than they provide calorically. In other words, negative calorie foods can help with a healthy weight loss plan. This is an often-overlooked concept on weightloss programs and it could provide the boost you need to lose weight.

Some Negative Calorie Foods that are Veggies:

~ Broccoli
~ Asparagus
~ Celery
~ Spinach
~ Carrots
~ Parsnips
~ Radishes
~ Rutabagas
~ Turnips
~ Cucumber
~ Chicory
~ Lettuce
~ Celery root
~ Zucchini
~ Green Beans
~ Hot Chili Peppers

Some Negative Calorie Foods from the Fruits Category

~ Watermelon
~ Pineapple
~ Grape Fruit
~ Papaya
~ Apples
~ Cranberries

Although they do not fit within the negative calorie food category, citrus fruits also aid the body in metabolizing and eliminating fats, and therefore are a great ally for weight loss. Among them, lemon especially has amazing tonic properties that help detox the liver naturally. This is significant since the liver is one of the largest and most important organs of our bodies.