Learn The Secret to a Millionaire Mindset

The Millionaire Mindset series - You don't have to be a millionaire to read it. You don't have to become a millionaire to benefit from it. But you will gain valuable insights into what makes people wealthy and successful. You can use these skills and abilities to enrich your own life practically - and emotionally.

Success always starts in the mind. Self-made millionaires are no brighter or smarter than you - they're just ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they dared to dream, and then put their dreams into practice.

To acquire the Millionaire Mindset you need to go beyond what's comfortable and make your vision more 'real' to you than your current reality, so that you constantly push forward. You also need to recognise that there are different things that motivate you. There is 'away from' motivation and 'towards' motivation.

You may initially work because of 'away from' motivation - because you want to get away from your current job, lifestyle etc. But to sustain and inspire you, that initial 'away from' motivation needs to combine with a high level of 'towards' motivation. The human brain is a goal-seeking mechanism. It's no use thinking only about what you don't want. You have to create your own super-powerful sense of how things can be, and therefore give your unconscious mind a clear direction to work towards.

In our Millionaire Mindset series you will learn how to harness these and other techniques, using the power of hypnosis to focus on your goals - so you achieve and not simply strive. The series builds on the established success of our existing Millionaire Mind download in our Personal Development section. The new series consists of six downloads -

  • Real business passion - getting into the millionaire zone
  • Come up with winning ideas - not just what but how
  • Build your self-belief - the faith in yourself that allows you to achieve
  • Laser focus for business - so success becomes more likely
  • Develop an unbeatable work ethic - and maintain this powerful drive
  • World beating optimism - harnessing the amazing capacity of your mind.

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