HMS Crown Anti-Aging Skin Care

All HMS Crown skin care products are formulated with the nourishment and replenishment of the vitamin and mineral content of your own body as our main objective. And, it is this revitalization of cells that makes the HMS Crown line dose cumulative. The longer you use these products, the better you will look.

HMS Crown is dedicated to the idea of using as few chemicals as possible; when we must use a chemical, we intend to use as little of it as possible, and finally we formulate and manufacture in small batches of product. HMS Crown skincare products are made to be used fresh, not to sit on retail shelves for months or even years.

HMS Crown uses only premium ingredients that have, in some cases, been selected after decades of consideration, and to be sure that each formula delivers revivifying nutrients essential to hair or skincare.

When your skin is beautiful, you are beautiful. HMS skincare products contain natural ingredients for skin that radiates with health and vitality. Nothing else can compare. . . Guaranteed.

Introducing HMS Introductory Kit

You may find that the best sample value is the HMS Introductory Kit. The HMS introductory kit contains one or two travel sizes of each of the products listed below with free shipping. The Introductory Kit has a regular value of $79.50 (products, fulfillment, and shipping) but may be purchased for only $34.95 which includes priority shipping, handling, and insurance.

  • Two 1/2 dram vials of Royal Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($25.90 value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of Royal Beauty Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer ($11.95 value)
  • One 1 ounce bottle of HMS Oil Free Cleanser ($6.95 value)
  • One 1 ounce mister of HMS Fresh 'N Tone ($6.95 value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of Royal Body ($4.95 value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of King's X ($4.95 value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of Royal Treatment Hair Conditioner ($4.95 Value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of Royal Glove Hand Protectant ($4.95 Value)
  • One 1/4 ounce jar of Royal Shave ($4.95 Value)

Free Shipping in US* ($7.95 value)
A $79.50 Value for only $34.95

Why are we making such an incredible offer?. . . because HMS's marketing program is based almost entirely upon sampling. We know our products are the best available, and we are convinced that once you try them, you will want to use them for life.

More Active Ingredients than Any Other Anti-Aging Preparations on the Market Today

You won’t find HMS anti-aging products on drug store or supermarket shelves. You won’t find them behind the counter at Neimans or Saks. You won’t see them nationally advertised. You may accidentally stumble over them at very prestigious salons and health spas, but for the most part you’ll hear about them by word of mouth or private solicitation.

HMS is an exclusive line of anti-aging skin care and health products packed full of nutrients and ingredients from only the most premium sources. After more than 20 years of research and development, HMS formulations are coming to the fore as the world’s best kept secret for beautiful skin and abundant energy.

The reason for this sudden notoriety is that HMSanti-aging products work. The skincare products contain more natural active ingredients than any other line on the market today, and penetrate deeply to repair and nourish new cellular growth for truly vibrant healthy skin.

HMS products are not uniquely or elaborately packaged. Instead, they have a simple, unadorned elegance. The beauty of HMS products is not in the design of the jar or box, but in the radiant healthy glow of your face.

You'll see the difference from the very first time you use HMS products.

We guarantee it!

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