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Focus ~ from Native Remedies

ADHD New Medication, Proven Natural Herbal Alternative to Concerta, Ritalin, Adderall and other Prescription Medication Without the Side Effects

Use Focus to treat symptoms of ADHD naturally to:

Focus ADHD
  • Reduce hyperactivity and restlessness
  • Calm, soothe and reduce mood swings
  • Improve concentration, memory and attention span
  • Improve alertness and mental focus
  • Calm over-active minds
  • Reduce impulsiveness and aggression

Focus is formulated for children and adults with ADHD. Adults with ADD (no hyperactivity) refer to Focus ADDult

ADHD New Medication, Proven Natural Herbal Alternative to Concerta, Ritalin, Adderal - Without Side Effects

Too often, doctors and psychiatrists quickly prescribe powerful psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall to treat the symptoms of ADHD, subjecting ADHD sufferers to unnecessary risk and possibly devastating side effects.

Focus ADHD Formula is a 100% safe, non-addictive alternative treatment for ADHD, without the risks and side effects of prescription psychiatric drugs.

Focus is a proven, complex herbal remedy, specially formulated by a practicing Clinical Psychologist to safely and effectively treat the symptoms of ADHD.

In combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet which excludes excess sugar, stimulants, artificial preservatives and colorants, Focus acts as a calmative remedy which can focus the mind and improve concentration.

Focus is formulated for children and adults with ADHD. Adults with ADD (no hyperactivity) refer to Focus ADDult

What are the Ingredients of Focus?

Ginkgo Biloba, Scuttellaria Laterifolia (also known as Skullcap)
Matricaria Recutita (also known as German Chamomile)
Centella Asiatica (also known as Gotu Cola)
Avina Sativa (Green Oats), also called Hawer
Urtica Urens, called Umbabazane in Africa
Aspalathus linearis (also know as Rooibos)

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What is ADD?

BrightSpark is a safe and effective remedy, especially and tested over the years in the treatment of hundreds of ADD children and adults. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is a group of symptoms that affects concentration and a person's ability to focus.

It can also cause mood swings, impulsiveness, behavioral and other social problems. Children with these problems have difficulty in completing their school work and are often in trouble with parents and teachers.


BrightSpark ADD Remedy will help your child to:

  • Relax and calm down
  • Be less impulsive
  • Listen more carefully
  • Follow instructions
  • Concentrate better
  • Be less distractible
  • Achieve better results at school or work
  • Adults and teenagers with ADD should refer to Focus ADDult

Products are for Children 1-12 years; and Children 12+. BrightSpark is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief, risk-free

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Native Remedies ADD/ADHD Special

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Adderall and the Symptoms of Adderall Withdrawal


Product #2:


Without the sufficient building blocks of the brain's neural network, learning is cumbersome and delayed, concentration is labored and attention to task cannot be sustained, memory and retrieval skills cannot be appropriately maintained -- Attend supplies these building blocks..." To continue reading this article or to learn more, CLICK HERE.

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<Attend is a safe, doctor-formulated supplement that supplies the nutrients associated with learning and concentration. The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula supports the body's ability to naturally:

  • Help calm and reduce stress and frustration
  • Help focus attention and improve concentration
  • Help allow smooth, balanced information processing
  • Help flush toxins, plaque and free radicals from brain pathways
  • Helps increase flow of nutrients, oxygen and energy to the brain
Try Attend Today!

Attend is also offered in a complete support strategy called the Attend Strategy Pac,

1 bottle each of Attend, Memorin+ and Extress.


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