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If your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, please take a look at the email we received from Sheri (IL, USA) only a few days ago:

"My son is in the second grade. My son has had many difficulties in school sitting still, concentrating, and controlling his impulsive behavior. I started him on Focus and then started giving it to him with BrightSpark. I showed the bottles to my son's doctor, who specializes in sleep disorders and ADHD, and she felt the products were safe to give to my child. BrightSpark and Focus have made a tremendous difference. He was always getting sent out in the hall for distracting other children and getting answers wrong on assignments because he could not pay attention.

The teacher noticed a difference in his behavior, and she didn't even know he was taking anything. For the past month now, he has not taken BrightSpark because I ran out. I figured the school year was almost over anyway, so I did not reorder. That was a big mistake because now he is starting to act the way he did before. I reordered 3 bottles today, so I don't have to worry about running out for a while. I highly recommend both of these products. They definitely work."

Sheri's email echoes what we have seen and heard many times. Remember, some kids take up to 6 weeks to fully respond to the remedies, and by stopping them now, you will have to take them through that start-up again. Because Focus and BrightSpark are natural and safe with none of the dangerous side effects of the prescription ADHD/ADD drugs, there is NO REASON TO STOP TAKING THEM DURING SUMMER BREAK, and every reason to send them to school at their best!

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