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Are you using toxic tampons?

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The issue of toxic tampons is not an old one and to our frightened dismay we have found that a large percentage of the general populous have forgotten the dangers involved with using mass marketed commercial tampons. The hazards associated with these personal hygiene products, is neither benign nor hidden.

It is quite obvious the perils women are faced with when forced to choose toxic tampons. The good news is that women have a choice now and can choose non-toxic tampons, if they know what to look for when shopping for tampons. This article is to dispell mis-information, lack of viable sources, or just plain ignorance and help women make a healthier choice.

Commercial tampons which have been whitened with Chlorine dioxide, generate harmful dioxins that are not only unhealthy in low level amounts from direct exposure they can also be catastrophically alarming when put into the body. Even low-level exposure of toxic dioxins can result in numerous cancers, reproductive debilitations, immune system breakdown, and skin lesions.

One must also take into account that most commercial tampons are manufactured with mass produced rayon mixed with cotton blends. These synthetics can amplify breeding conditions for several known bacteria and have reportedly triggered allergic reactions in women.

Another known carcinogen found in commercial tampons that is not often discussed is synthetic fragrance. While it appears to be a rather innocuous ingredient, it can silently pack a punch! Chemical perfume ingredients may cause rashes, minor sores, discomfort, and increased bleeding.

While all of this is disheartening, fear not. There are several alternatives and methods for assisting women during that time of the month. The safer alternatives are described below with some helpful links.

Choose wise, choose safe, choose natural!

Use tampons that are certified organic or made with untreated 100% cotton.

Avoid chlorine-whitened tampons; stick with the natural choice and demand oxygen or hydrogen peroxide bleached tampons.

A great alterative is a natural or organic fiber reusable menstrual pad. They are very economical, washable, and last for years.

Steer clear of scented tampons or toiletries. You can almost be guaranteed they are scented with synthetic and often petroleum based chemical fragrances.

It is preferable that tampons come packaged in natural paper board and not polyethylene.