If you think bottled water is the answer, please think again.

For one thing, bottled water is very expensive. Add up all the times you buy it, or the cases you haul home, and you are in for a shock! But it is also costly in the damage it does to the environment. The vast majority of those plastic water bottles go into a landfill, not a recycling program. And since the plastic is a petroleum product, bottled water contributes to our dependence on oil.

Then, to add insult to injury, bottled water may have safety issues of its own. It turns out that plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water. Those chemicals are called phthalates and are known to upset the balance of testosterone and other hormones.

Enough bad news -- here is a terrific solution!

I want to tell you about the best source of clean water I have found—the way to have up to 99.99 percent pure water -- no matter where you are. And believe it or not, it is vastly more affordable than bottled water.

My recommendation is absolutely the best solution I have found for the safe water dilemma. It is a practical way to have truly clean, great tasting water wherever you go—without blowing your budget or adding to the landfills!


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