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What is HPV (wart virus)?

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COMMON WARTS can be found on the hands, feet, forearems, and face and range in size from a pinhead to a small bean. They can also occur on the voice box or the larynx and cause hoarseness. They are rough, irregular skin growths, and are caused by a virus. Highly contagious, they can be spread by picking, trimming, biting, or touching them. They can also be spread on the face by shaving. Common warts most often occur onskin that is continuosly exposed to friction, trauma, or abrasion. They may be flat o rraised, dry or moist, and have a rough and pitted surface that is either flesh-colored or darker than the surrounding skin. They typically do not cause pain or itching and can be left to disappear on their own unless they become bothersome.

VENEREAL OR GENITAL WARTS are single or clusters of soft, cauliflower-like growths found in and around the vagina, anus, penis, groin, or scrotal area. they are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are more than thirty-five types of HPV, and two have been associated with cancer of the cervix and genital area. These rough, bumpy growths can be found by the vaginal opening and labia. They are sexually transmitted and highly contagious. Males can also contract these warts on thier genitals.

If venereal warts are suspected, women should immediately see a gynecologist and have a pap test.

Body warts are a very common and, for most who have them, very embarassing condition. Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (known as HPV or wart virus) and are the result of virus particles, microscopic in size, which infect the skin.

Warts may appear as single bumps or in clusters. In appearance, some warts look similar to miniature cauliflower heads. HPV Virus is not a single strain of virus. There are many types of HPV. Certain HPV strains may grow in the mouth and others elsewhere on the body, including the genital areas.

Certain types and in particular, type 16 and 33 (genital strain) are associated with more serious changes in the skin that may lead to cancer. Studies have shown a close link between these types of HPV and cancer of the cervix.

Unlike the herpes virus which travels into the nerve cells, HPV is localized in the skin. However, many HPV infections are invisible. This means that the virus has altered the DNA structure of the cell but shows no visible signs on the skin. Millions of people are unaware that they have HPV, only a medical sampling of the skin will determine if the virus is prevalent.

The HPV type that grow on hands and feet is very common in children, although millions of adults suffer from a similar strain.

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