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Do you have a lack of sweetness in your life?

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In terms of an holistic approach to our health, exercise, balanced nutrition, rewarding work, a positive relationship, and even a sunny day are all things which can affect our serotonin and beta-endorphin levels. The joy we find in our lives speaks to our biochemistry. When we are lacking positive energy and happiness, it is not surprising that we seek to fill that void with sugar.

Helpful Tip:
We all have to indulge occasionally in a sugary treat. By combining our sweet snacks with a little protein, such as a stick of cheese, some nuts, or even a glass of milk, we slow down digestion and lower the insulin spike and allow a gentler increase in blood sugar and insulin.

Did you know that a taste for sweets seems to be innate? According to an ADA spokesperson, it is partly because carbs stimulate serotonin release. Serotonin is the feel-good hormone so it makes sense that we'd like anything that increases that. The article goes on to say that sugar helps our body to release endorphins too, calming and relaxing us, another reason we may have a predisposition toward them once we try them..

If you visit the article linked above, you'll see some great tips for stopping sugar cravings. One that isn't on the list is a supplement called gymnema sylvestre, which has a property of reducing the craving for sweets.