The Power of the Subconscious Mind

In his new book Mind Over Back Pain [Order below], Dr John Sarno, a professor of medicine at N.Y.U. School of Medicine, describes the working of the subconscious mind in causing chronic back pain.

Dr. Sarno says that the fear of the pain actually creates the pain, because emotion effects the autonomic nervous system, which controls the involuntary functions of the body, such as tearing, salivation, breathing, heartbeat, digestive activity, urinary and sexual function and blood supply. These autonomic functions respond to emotion. Emotion, and he is talking about fear, cause the parts of the back and neck and buttocks to be deprived of the correct amount of oxygen, therefore they begin to have spasms....

This mind-body approach to understanding disease has been gaining acceptance since it was first written about in Norman Cousins' book Anatomy of an Illness. In the introduction to this book, which was written by Dr Rene Jules Dubous, a world famous scientific researcher, Dr. Dubous states that he believes that "practically everything in the body is governed by the mind, and that the mind is more important than anything else in the body."

Hypnosis is now used for many different therapeutic outcomes, such as: enhancement of self confidence, assertiveness, creativity, peak performance, and the reduction of anxiety, trauma&ptsd symptoms, test anxiety, social anxiety, as well as habit or addiction elimination, such as smoking.

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