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What Can I Do to Relieve Sciatica Pain?

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The longest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve, can be a source of much pain if it is compressed due to some reason. Sciatica pain is often unbearable and pain management is required at times to be able to carry on daily duties.

Many people believe that sciatica pain is a disease whereas it is only a symptom of some disorder. The disorder could be related to the spinal cord or a non-spinal muscle called the piriformis.

Generally sciatica pain occurs on one side of the body and radiates through the length of the sciatic nerve, from the lower back to your toes.

Chronic sciatica pain that does not subside within three months can lead to complex physical and mental side effects.

Persistent stress of chronic sciatica pain can bring on a chain reaction leading to further pain since it weakens the nervous system and the immune system. Management of pain may be categorized in the following main and subcategories:

Conventional Sciatic Nerve Treatment

Natural Remedies for Sciatic Pain