Foot/Hand Reflexology

Reflexology Chart ~ Printable

Reflexology is a wonderfully simple form of natural, complimentary, and holistic healing. It is the use of special techniques to break up and remove blockages in the body and restore proper circulation of blood to any given area.

The focus of Reflexology is on the feet and hands where the nerve endings are located. Check out the reflexology chart above. The feet and hands mirror the entire body and every organ and body part can be found in them.

In these nerve endings, crystalline deposits form wherever there is a blockage of blood or energy. With the special techniques used in Reflexology, these deposits can easily be broken up and released into the blood stream for proper elimination.

There is no equipment or tools needed to give or receive Reflexology. All you need are your own two hands!

Reflexology has been used since ancient times and is now starting to get the recognition it deserves. It seems that everyone loves to have their feet and hands rubbed!

A Reflexology session is extremely relaxing and stimulating. Since the feet and/or hands are the only areas being addressed, there is never any need for removal of clothing. The client is always made comfortable. A session usually lasts about 30 minutes, and some reflexologists offer an optional soothing foot bath at the beginning.

Reflexology can be used as a self healing art as well. It can be used to balance emotions, restore circulation throughout the physical body, and increase spiritual awareness. While increasing circulation in the brain, it can improve concentration and the ability to meditate. Reflexology can relieve insomnia and help in lowering blood pressure.

Its an easy therapy to learn. Try one of the videos shown above and start to work on your family and friends right away.

Give it a try....your feet will love you for it!

VHS Reflexology Videos

Reflexology - the Timeless Art of Self-Healing VHS

Awesome video! Shows movement of hands and position of feet well. Also gives some interesting information that is great to pass onto clients. Good for beginers in reflexology and also helps set a routine for a foot massage during a regular bodyworks session.


Better Health With Foot Reflexology by Dwight Byers
I use this one and its good.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology

Reflexology for Every Body by Joan Cosway-Hayes

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