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The Health Benefits of Spring Forest Qigong with Chunyi Lin

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HealthPartners announced they will conduct a scientific study on the effects of Spring Forest Qigong on people with mildly elevated blood pressure. The study is funded by HealthPartners Research Foundation. Dr. Rolf Sigford, M.D., Ph.D., is the principal investigator.

Imagine a simple series of exercises that help with pain relief, stress reduction and overall health in the body? Qigong is such a practice and it's been around for ages. A special type of qigong is getting remarkable results from users, who report healing when using an easy-to-follow method from China. It took years working with a master from China, Chunyi Lin, to develop a breakthrough personal learning course called "Spring Forest Qigong.

Wait until you read on the website, about what may seem like medical miracles and see the endorsements from the doctors who support this course. Even Dr. Neil Kay, a medical doctor and cancer researcher from the famed Mayo Clinic, strongly recommends Spring Forest Qigong. Researchers say that "almost everyone can learn Qigong exercises for maintaining health and self-healing."

If you have any health issues, if you would like to be less susceptible to the flu or colds, if you would like to bathe your body in healing energy, or if you would like to be free of pains, Spring Forest Qigong may help you feel better.

Regular practice in thsi ancient practice may be helpful in a wide range of conditions including:
~ Stress
~ Joint Pain Relief
~ Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief
~ Knee Pain Relief
~ Migraine Headaches
~ Sinus Problems and allergies
~ Spinal Problems
~ Anxiety and Depression
~ Circulation Problems
~ Digestive Problemsm
~ and much more.