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Want to live longer? Meditate! ~~ Ancient practice tied to amazing health benefits......

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Unless you've been living in a cave lately, you must have seen some of the recent news about the health benefits of meditation. It's everywhere... An article published in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke recently reported that meditation can reduce cholesterol buildup and the associated risk of heart attack and stroke. And another study found that meditation reduces the death rate among the elderly. The National Institutes of Health reports that regular meditation reduces chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cortisol (sometimes called "stress hormones") production. A University of Wisconsin-Madison study discovered meditation boosts part of the and the immune system.

A recent issue of the American Journal of Hypertension featured the results of a study showing a significant lowering of blood pressure in a group meditators compared to a control group of people who didn't meditate. The study also reported a 23% decrease in usage of antihypertensive drugs between the group of meditators and the other group.

A Harvard study also concluded that regular meditation can reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and cut production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

The most recent study by The American Heart Association shows heart and artery health improved 69 percent in test groups practicing meditation. And this is just the beginning. Practically every time you turn around there's another study documenting and supporting fantastic health and wellness benefits of regular meditation.

If there's a downside to meditation it's this... Traditional meditation can take years, even decades to master. The Holosync Solution changes all that. Holosync uses advanced scientific technology to induce deep states of meditation virtually at the push of a button.

If you have any interest at all in increased health and vigor, increased longevity, lower blood pressure, peace of mind, and all the other great benefits of meditation, at least give Holosync a try. Most regular users of Holosync report fabulous results in weeks rather than years. Try Holosync for yourself-for FREE!