What are the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism?

Need info on Hypothyroidism?

An overactive thyroid can result in the following symptoms. If you feel that these apply to you, please consult your doctor for an assessment.

  • .. Palpitations
  • .. Breathlessness
  • .. High blood pressure
  • .. Swelling at the base of the neck
  • .. Increased perspiration
  • .. Constant stare or blinking
  • .. Insomnia
  • .. Fatigue
  • .. Restlessness
  • .. Anxiety
  • .. Increased bowel movements
  • .. Light or absent menstruation
  • .. Weight loss
  • .. Trembling hands
  • .. Feeling hot
  • .. Muscle weakness
  • .. Hair loss
  • If left untreated, hyperthyroidism can be a significant threat to health and may cause serious complications.

    Mild hyperthyroidism often responds well to complimentary medicine and a holistic approach (including diet) and may help to calm down the thyroid and remove the need for radioactive iodine treatment or surgery. This should be discussed with your doctor, homeopath or naturopath before home treatment of overactive thyroid is begun.

    What is ThyroSoothe?

    ThyroSoothe is a 100% herbal remedy containing herbs known for their ability to soothe and normalize the overactive thyroid and related symptoms, naturally decrease levels of T4 and TSH and inhibit the binding of antibodies to the thyroid.

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    Hypothyroidism your problem?

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