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Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia (CFS & FMS)

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Undertaking a digestive enzyme regimen has been successful in with people with CFS and FMS because it encourages cell nutrition by feeding and fortifying the nervous system, endocrine system and the digestive system. High quality, pH balanced digestive enzymes when taken in adequate quantities, work throughout the entire digestive system and help to fortify the pancreas. Providing adequate digestive support, as noted, is a particularly important issue for those suffering from CFS and FMS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following enzyme formulations can be used for Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia Syndromes. These suggestions have been shown to be effective for many people suffering from these syndromes. The following digestive enzyme supplements are recommended as part of a basic digestive and immune system enhancement regimen. The following suggestions are based on the clinical experience gathered from the Enzyme Therapy Clinic, operated by Transformation Enzyme Corp. in Houston Texas and from other clinical observations Transformation Enzyme Corp. has compiled from its associated health care practitioners who utilize enzyme therapy as part of their treatment regimens. Neither Transformation Enzyme Corp. or Enzyme Essentials purport to diagnose disease nor do we have, or claim to have, knowledge of your medical history or your current medical condition. Therefore, we don't know, nor claim to know, if the digestive enzymes discussed here are applicable or appropriate to your current situation. We recommend that you seek the care and advice of a health care professional and that the information provided here be shared with that health care professional should you decide to act on any of this information.

Enzyme Suggestions for CFS and FMS:

ENZYME: OxiCellZyme
DOSAGE: 2 capsules with every meal.
EXPLANATION: All around digestive aid with an array of the digestive enzymes to take care of hydrolizing most normal food consumption. Contains high levels of protease to help break down excess protein; contains antioxicants, and contains all of the essential nutrients to help ensure complete metabolic function.

ENZYME: DigestZyme
DOSAGE: 1-2 with every meal, depending on the size and degree of richness of meal.
EXPLANATION: Additionally assists with digestion and helps provide a proper acid/alkaline pH balance

ENZYME: PureZyme
DOSAGE: 4 capsules, 2 times a day on an empty stomach
EXPLANATION: High in proteases, a group of enzymes whose catalytic function is to cleave proteins. Breaks down invaders in the blood supply leaving them vulnerable to destruction by the immune system thereby controlling bacteria, and inflammation.

ENZYME: Plantadophilus
DOSAGE: 3 capsules at bedtime
EXPLANATION: A strong pro-biotic to control the pH balance in the intestinal tract preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and insure the elimination of the toxins from the colon. Acts as natural antibiotic.

ENZYME: ExcellZyme
DOSAGE: 2 to 3 - 2 times a day (not in the evenings)
EXPLANATION: Feeds and fortifies the brain and for fatigue.

Additionally the following can be taken depending on need.

If difficulty with sleeping
ENZYME: CalmZyme
DOSAGE 3-4 capsules before bed
EXPLANATION: Feeds the nervous system and assists deep sleep

If constipated
ENZYME: . ReleaseZyme
DOSAGE 3 before bed if constipated, may take after each meal
EXPLANATION: Cleanses and fortifies the colon/constipation

If inflammation is experienced:
ENZYME: . RepairZyme
DOSAGE 3 - 2 times a day
EXPLANATION: Phytochemical base with enzymes to heal and build new muscles, tissues and bones.

Enzyme therapy is based on particular needs. The enzyme formulations and grouping suggested above are designed to assist the body back to a healthy balance. Once the body systems are brought back into balance, the conditions and effects associated with CFS and FMS are often positively modulated. Sound nutrition combined with pharmaceutical quality, high activity, pH balance digestive enzymes can assist in this process.
This Information is provided by Enzyme Essentials.

About CFS & FMS: Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia (CFS & FMS) are very similar. One example may be the tests whether blood or chemistry profiles will show themselves in the normal range. The sufferers of CFS or FMS do not look sick, so they find themselves constantly on the defensive with their family and friends. CFS & FMS are not called diseases, but both are called syndromes. Syndromes are specific sets of signs and symptoms that occur together. When patterns showing these symptoms are repeated continuously in a six-month period, then they are diagnosed as actually being the patient's condition.

Research is showing that people with FMS have defects in the neuroregulatory system, especially transmitters. This abnormal production of neurotransmitters such as seratonin, melatonin, dopamine and other chemicals that help control pain, mood, sleep and the immune system, are the reason for so many of their symptoms. Add to this that they do not get to Delta sleep (deepest sleep), making a good night's rest impossible. It is in this Delta sleep that we make our early night hormone known as our "growth hormone" and where immune and rebuilding chemicals are created and the body's mind is repaired.

Further research shows that a FMS patient has three times the normal amount of substance "P" in their spinal fluid. This substance tells the body how much pain it feels. This is why they feel an abnormal amount of pain from the slightest touch. Even a bed sheet can cause pain. The slightest touch can be agony. Then this sensitivity may change or even go away for awhile. There never seems to be rhyme or reason when to expect the change.

In addition to information on the pain felt by those with FMS and CFS, are further studies on myofascia imbalance. Myofascia is a thin, almost translucent, film that wraps around muscle tissue. In fact, it is the tissue that holds all the parts of the body together. As an example, have you ever cleaned pieces of raw chicken? You may have removed a thin tissue off of the meat that is called myofascia tissue. Tightening or thickening of the myofascia occurs in these patients. When myofascia thickens, elasticity is lost, and the neurotransmitter ability to send and receive messages between the mind and body is disrupted.

Any imbalance of the nervous system effects the digestive system. Those with CFS & FMS experience digestive problems early on and eventually this will lead to malabsorption. Research shows these people experience the lack of the enzyme amylase early in life. Amylase enzymes are the catalysts that break down carbohydrates. Clinically, it is shown that people with FMS or CFS have digestive problems with carbohydrates and starches. Many also have a lipase deficiency, and lipase enzymes are the catalysts that break down fats. Without the proper lipase enzymes, one will have fatty acid imbalances and hormonal imbalances. All of these deficiencies will lead to a protease deficiency. Since the protein invaders of our body are bacteria, fungal forms, and parasites, it stands to reason why the immune system then becomes compromised.

Some relatively recent information on chronic fatigue comes from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia 7/17/97. All their research shows people with CF have a "new" enzyme. Dr. Suhadolnik is a professor of biochemistry and a member of the University's Institute of Cancer Research and Molecular Biology. He said, "All CFS patients tested have this new enzyme, while none of the healthy controls do". The new enzyme has a lower molecular weight than the normal enzyme found in the viral pathway (Rnase L in the Synthetase/Rnase L antiviral pathway). CFS patients have an inability to control common viruses and an inability to maintain cellular energy. This enzyme controls both processes. This newly discovered enzyme does not function as well as the normal enzyme in healthy people. He feels this explains why CFS patients have a hard time maintaining the energy for cellular growth.

Besides all of the above information, the one thing that weaves throughout all of the research, is a common belief that these people have a genetic predisposition for these syndromes. The information printed in 1999 showed that there are 5 million people in the United States who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It stands to reason that there are many more which have not been properly diagnosed. The symptoms are many, and are very similar to many other disorders, therefore difficult to diagnose. Sometimes the person doesn't feel like they are physically ill enough to seek professional help. Many are severely stressed and depressed.