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Symptoms Common to Enzyme Deficiency

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digestive enzymes

Don't we get enzymes in the food we eat? The simple answer is no, for several reasons, including cooking and pasteurization. When milk is pasteurized, all enzymes are destroyed so, unless you live on a farm or can get hold of raw milk, you cannot depend on consumption of milk for your digestive enzymes. You could eat raw meat, which is full of live enzymes but also contains contains hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides and, quite possibly, parasites, before and after cooking. Also, do you like the taste of raw meat? Cooking, even at low heat, destroys enzymes.

So, how do we get the enzymes we need? Supplementation is the answer, and plant, or phytoenzymes, are what we need. This is why the enzyme formulas being introduced by Enzyme Essentials are so exciting. They will give back what our diet is lacking, to help us maintain health. An enzyme deficiency can manifest itself as a variety of conditions. Presented here is a brief look at causes and symptoms of amylase deficiency, protease deficiency and lipase deficiency:

Amylase Enzyme Deficiency - Amylase is the digestive enzyme responsible for digesting carbs. If we don't get enough amylase symptoms may include PMS, fatigue, sprue, hypoglycemia, depression, mood swings, allergies, inflammation, hot flashes, cold hands and feet, neck pain, shoulder aches and rashes.

Protease Enzyme Deficiency - Protease is the digestive enzyme which helps us digest proteins. Being deficient in protease could contribute to symptoms including back weakness, fungal growth, constipation, hypertension, insomnia, hearing problems, parasite infestation, gum disorders and gingivitis.

Lipase Enzyme Deficiency - Lipase is the digestive enzyme responsible for helping us digest fats. A lipase deficiency may lead to symptoms including acne, cystitis, aching feet, arthritis, bladder problems, stress issues, hay fever, heart problems, prostate problems, psoriasis, dirrhea and urinary weakness.

Combination Enzyme Deficiency - If you are lacking proper amounts of two or three of these major digestion helpers, you may experience chronic allergies, more colds, diverticulitis, irritable bowel, sinus infections, chronic fatigue and immune response depression.

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