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Coral Cal Absorb Over twenty years ago in the tiny Japanese island of Okinawa, a journalist interviewed the world’s oldest living man. His name was Shigechiyo Izumi and he truly defied nature. At 115 years old, he was in remarkable health. Perhaps what is so amazing is that Izumi’s old age is not out of the ordinary for the island. In fact most of the natives of this tiny island live to be at least 95 years old! While the diet and lifestyle of the natives of other nearby islands are virtually identical to those of Okinawa, it is Okinawans that boast longer lives than those of any other island.

What is it that makes Okinawa so different? It is the water. Okinawa is composed of thousands of coral reefs. Rainwater falls onto these reefs and infuses the drinking water of the islanders with over 72 essential minerals, predominantly calcium and magnesium. These minerals are almost chemically identical to the minerals found in the human skeleton, body fluids and blood. This water is different from water found anywhere in the world.

Coral calcium has been known to fight free radical damage, maintain strong bones and teeth, combat arthritis and fibromyalgia and increase joint mobility-just to name a few! In addition to the calcium and minerals of the coral, it reduces the acidity level of the body when mixed with water. This is important because many diseases have been linked to an acidic environment in the body.

Coral calcium is a very alkaline substance that aids in mineral absorption. Now you too can have the secret of a long life with Coral CalAbsorb®! Coral CalAbsorb® contains the very same calcium and minerals found in the sango coral reefs of Okinawa. It’s in a powdered form and mixes easily with your favorite fruit juice or herbal tea.

We all know that calcium is essential for good health and strong bones. Coral CalAbsorb® is unique because the calcium and minerals are easily absorbed in the body, ensuring that you will get the essential minerals that lead to a long, healthy and vibrant life!

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