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Chronic Constipation – A Common sign of Toxic Colon

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Constipation is a condition where fecal matter is tightly packed togeher in the colon. This causes ones bowel movements to be infrequent and incomplete and cause a lot of straining to produce dry, hardened feces. This old, hardened feces clings to The walls of the colon and absorb nutrients, as well as inhibit the proper function of the colon. The colon is filled with toxic buildup and parasites that thrive in that environment. Chronic constipation is the most common sign of a toxic colon.

When a person is constipated, what has happened is that the passage through which the feces are forced to travel is also greatly reduced in diameter so the stools become much narrower, even as thin as a pencil sometimes. In our society, bowel movements of the chronically constipated may be looked upon as normal. This situation, allowed to continue and develop into chronic constipation, is serious trouble waiting to happen.

Two of the complications of a toxic colon are Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis.
Diverticulosis is a small bulging pouch in the colon caused by weak spots. Those bulging pouches are are diverticulum. It is reported that about 10 percent of Americans Over 40 have developed diverticulosis. This condition increases to about 50 percent of the people over 60. A complication of diverticulosis is diverticulitis, which is when those pouches become Inflamed or infected. The main cause of this is low-fiber diet.

Probiotics are extremely useful in helping the colon regain it's normal functions after being constipated or to help reverse the symptoms of chronic constipation. Digestive Enzymes are also very useful in re-establishing and maintaining a health bowel and elimination process. We recommend the therapeutic enzyme supplements by Enzyme Essentials. .