There are still many misconceptions about acne, even though it is the most widespread skin condition in the world. Of the most common myths listed below, see which ones you thought were true...

Myth 1 - Acne is caused by certain food -

No substantial connection has been found between diet and acne. Al those foods you've worried about eating such as french fries , pizza, chocolate are ok to eat in moderation. Of course, skin care is directly related to a well balanced diet, rest and personal cleanliness.

Myth 2 - Acne is a cosmetic condition" -

Acne is not a serious threat to a person's physical health, but it does affect how a person looks. Also, how a person feels about themselves can cause depression and low self-esteem. Those things are reason enough to seek treatment.

Myth 3 - Sun exposure helps acne" -

NOT! The risks of sun exposure outweighs the minimal benefits. Its true that sometimes short exposure to sun may initially improve acne, sunbathing often increases plugging of the pores.

Myth 4 - Acne is for Teenagers" -

Acne can affect any age, no just teens. It can affect young adults in 20's or 30's, especially women when the hormones are fluctuating. Because of the hormone factor, acne can also begin during pregnancy.

Myth 5 - Leave your acne alone" -

Acne can cause both physical and emotional scars. It is best to treat acne breakouts early with a good acne program such as Derma Care. Prevention is the best policy.

Myth 6 - Acne is caused by Dirt" -

Acne is caused by a lot of things but dirt is not one of them. Blemishes are caused by dead skin cells, combined with your natural skin oil. Over washing of your face can actually make outbreaks worse. Alcohol can also make things worse!

Remember, that even if your blemishes go away, your acne is not cured. You need to continue to be diligent about your treatment plan, even after your skin is clear.

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