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Free Higher Self Ebook and Exercises

Suggested Reading:
Spiritual Implications of Illness

Awakening Key offers a free download of an ebook on the higher self and a book of spiritual exercises.

Get your free awakening key pdfs on the Higher Self

From the author:
"Please note that the content of the free e-book Fast Way to Awakening is a point of view of the author and is not directed at anybody, is not intended to offend anybody and give personal advice to anybody. The information contained in the free e-book Become your Higher self and on this website is for general information purposes only. Because of the depth and the life changing potential of the material in the book, it may not suitable for children and people younger than 18 years."

Questions these documents address include:

What is life awakening?

What is spiritual awakening?

What really happened on 21 December 2012?

Moving to Heart consciousness

How does spiritual awakening feel like?

Characteristics of spiritual awakening