Colvera Questions and Answers

1. What is the active ingredient in Colvera™?

The main ingredient is Collagen protein.

2. Does Colvera™ contain any other ingredients?

Yes, Colvera
also contains the inactive ingredients Aloe Vera and vegetable glycerin.


3. How does Colvera™ work and why is it so effective?

Colvera™ is a natural Collagen Protein Formula, which works as a nutritional supplement that safely and naturally assists the body in shedding extra body fat, sugar, and toxins. Colvera™ does not stimulate, starve, or trick your body into losing weight . . . .  It simply supports your body's lean muscle tissue and fuels your body's natural mechanism in burning off excess fats and sugars much more efficiently.  In addition, Colvera will likely boost your energy and stamina, even if you are already underweight and in superb physical condition!

The effectiveness of Colvera™ is based on the Collagen Hydrolysate, which is found within the Colvera™ formula.  Collagen is a protein that is basic to body structure.  It is actually the most prevalent protein in the body.  Collagen is also important to our muscular strength, flexibility, resiliency, and the ability of our joints and connective tissues to absorb impact.

Collagen is important in maintaining our youthful appearance by promoting supple, wrinkle free, non-sagging skin on our faces and all other areas.  Collagen is important in maintaining our muscles, the sufficient support of body organs and keeping our blood flowing through resilient and responsive arteries, capillaries and veins.

It is easy to realize that since collagen is a major constituent of all of these tissues that the maintenance of our collagen levels is very important - actually critical- to our health.  Hydrolyzed collagen, which is already broken down into its modular components by enzymes like those in Colvera™, are readily absorbed and utilized by the body when taken orally.  Collagen Protein products have been very effective with excellent results for over 20 years, and Colvera™ has the most effective source of Collagen Protein available on the market today.

4. Is Colvera™ safe?

Yes, Colvera™ is safe with no reported side effects.



5. How is Colvera™ different from other fat burners and weight loss products?

Most weight loss products on the market contain some kind of ephedrine, caffeine, or amphetamine. These products give many people "the jitters" which makes it difficult for you to function normally . . . and you can forget about getting a good night's sleep. Colvera™ is so gentle that you can take it right before you go to bed and still sleep like a baby!



6. Will Colvera™ work for me?

Most likely. Colvera™ boasts an 86% success rate based on a three month period, with 50% of users experiencing results within just the first month! I think that you'll agree that these results are quite astounding.


7. Is there a guarantee that Colvera™ will work for me?

No legitimate company can guarantee that their product will work for everyone. We do, however, guarantee that if you don't take the product, you won't lose the weight!.


8. How much weight can I expect to lose with Colvera™?

As with any weight loss product, results of course vary with the individual. However, about 1-2 pounds per week is a safe and realistic amount to lose.



9. What are the contents of each bottle of Colvera™?

Each bottle contains 90 liquid filled capsules.



10. How long will one bottle of Colvera™ last me?

One bottle will last you for one full month.



11. How and when do I take Colvera™?

You simply take 3 capsules before you go to bed on an empty stomach. This process allows Colvera™ to work more efficiently during the first 45 to 90 minutes of sleep while the body uses the available collagen and other vital nutrients during this time.  



12. Will Colvera™ interfere with any medications I take?

No, there are no reported interactions. However, as with any new medication or supplement, you should consult your physician.

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