Do you occasionally feel uncomfortable immediately after eating a meal, or do you experience heartburn, indigestion or bloating that comes and goes? Some individuals are relieved with meals, others become very miserable on a daily basis due to various factors. Pay attention to your "gut instincts" as you can learn a lot about your condition from your symptoms and how often you have them. In fact, your symptoms may be telling you that you have a slow-moving or sluggish metabolism and less than ideal digestive tract.

Gastrointestinal problems seem to be on the rise and are the reasons many people go see their doctor (usually after they have become extremely uncomfortable). If you ignore your symptoms including bloating, your condition can deteriorate rapidly. Many times the 3 F's can be helpful for digestive complaints, especially the lower gastrointestinal tract. These stand for fluids, fiber and fats (good fats). Be sure to discuss your symptoms with your health care provider (don't be embarrassed) and read on for more information that you can "stomach," which could provide you with relief!

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